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Thank you for visiting my webpage. I hope that the information I provide here will make you want to pick up the phone, start typing an email or just fill out the contract page so we can get started to help you on your way to getting those Government Contracts/

I am a US Army Retired Army Officer, who for the last 15 years of my Military career served as an Acquisition Officer for several different Military Organizations. During that period I was A Warranted Contracting Officer with an unlimited Warrant which means I was able to sign Contracts on behalf of the Government for any amount.
When I retired in 2003, I worked in Corporate America using my expertise to sell services and product to all branches of Military, other Federal Agencies and private organizations.

During the last few years I have been approached by many colleagues both professional and personal who asked me why I do not go into business for myself. I always considered doing that but I was always enjoying the job I was doing at the time and had no desire to go at it alone.

Although. I still enjoy what I am doing I have reached a crossroads in both my professional and personal life that has made me rethink the notion of opening my own business.

Given both my military experience and corporate America experience, combined with the numerous opportunities that seem to be presenting themselves to me I feel that this is the time to put my experience and talent to good use. I believe that I have alot to offer businesses that are looking for Government opportunities along with Government entities who are seeking a Contractor that will deliver on the contract.

As a service Disabled Veteran owned Company I hope to assist small businesses in doing business within the Federal Market and provide professional services and products to the Federal customer.

Please look thru my website for additional information and I hope we can do business together soon

Thank you

Roy Nyquist
President, RN Contracting Solutions, LLC

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