Contract Management Training

Everyone who is responsible for delivering training has a career of advanced education and experience . These professionals deliver a wealth of knowledge that participants need to know and share not just the basics but anecdotal situations that drive home the relevance of the tools and skills being taught. Quality, indeed, starts with our instructors and never ends until results are delivered at that same standard of excellence. Count on us to perform for you and your employees.

The mobility of our training is second to none. We go where you need us. The flexibility we offer minimizes issues regarding scheduling and transportation of employees and seeks to provide education where resources that are available will compliment the classroom discussions.

RNCS provides training in Federal Contracting at all levels of experience
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  • Learn Federal contracting basics
  • Continuing education lunch and learns
  • Attend a continuing education right at your desk thru Webex
  • We can customize any course content to your requirements
  • We can also provide DAU/DAWIA certified training

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